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Amtrak Wars - Blood River - Book 4

Cover Design/Art Direction: Bruno Tilley
Cover Illustration: Steve Stone

Blood River

The Amtrak Wars - Book Four

Steve, Cadillac and Clearwater meet with triumph and disaster as they try to evade the clutches of both the Iron Masters and the disguised hunter/killer squads sent out by the Lone Star Confederation to purge the overground of renegade Trackers and deserters.

Clearwater's earth-magic gets them out of several tight corners but the Iron Masters prove to be tenacious adversaries and the First Family - the sinister oligarchy who rule the Confederation - have no intention of loosening their grip on Steve Brickman.

Despite his apparent treachery, he is a valuable pawn in a game which, if lost, could spell the end of the First Family's dream of reconquering the blue-sky world.

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