Patrick Tilley
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Amtrak Wars - Cloud Warrior - Book 1

Cover Design/Art Direction: Bruno Tilley
Cover Illustration: Steve Stone

Cloud Warrior

The Amtrak Wars - Book One

After spending the first seventeen years of his life in the under-ground world of the Lone Star Confederation, Steve Brickman, a newly-trained wingman, emerges to join a Trail-Blazer wagon-train selected to make the first deep-penetration strike into the territory held by the Plainfolk Mutes.

The mission is part of a centuries-old conflict for possession of the blue-sky world in which both sides have fought with the ut-most ruthlessness. Steve is aware of the dangers but he has no inkling that his arrival has already been predicted by the enemy or that he is destined to embark on a perilous adventure; a test of courage and endurance that will totally change his life and cause him to doubt the truth of everything he has been taught since birth.


Copyright 2002 Patrick Tilley. All rights reserved.