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Amtrak Wars - Death-Bringer - Book 5

Cover Design/Art Direction: Bruno Tilley
Cover Illustration: Steve Stone


The Amtrak Wars - Book Five

With the seriously-injured Clearwater now safely in their hands the First Family hatches a plan to capture Cadillac and Mr Snow and annihilate the Clan M'Call; a plan in which Steve is forced to continue his double-role as loyal agent of the Confederation and blood-brother to the Plainfolk.

The First Family is hell-bent on exacting retribution for past defeats and the twice-bloodied House of Yama-Shita, a leading Iron Master family, is also thirsting for vengeance. Both parties blindly pursue their own ends unaware that the final outcome is not governed by force of arms but by the irrevocable power of prophecy.

And Steve Brickman, comes to understand why some among the Clan M'Call, who knew him better than he knew himself, chose to call him "Death Bringer".

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