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Patrick Tilley : The Amtrak Wars


...that in 1998 Sphere books published Dark Visions: an illustrated guide to the Amtrak Wars? The book featured a 60 page, in depth investigation of the futureworld epic envisioned by author/creator Patrick Tilley, and has become a much sought after collectors item. Featuring superb illustrations from Fernando Fernandez, text from Tilley, and the creative input of fans and family members, Dark Visions is absorbing, detailed and utterly fascinating. We will be bringing you excerpts of the book over the coming months, so stay tuned!

Dark Visions: an illustrated guide to the Amtrak Wars

THE AMTRAK WARS : Books 1 - 6

Amtrak Wars - Cloud Warrior - Book 1

Book One : Cloud Warrior

After spending the first seventeen years of his life in the under-ground world of the Lone Star Confederation, Steve Brickman, a newly-trained wingman, emerges to join a Trail-Blazer wagon-train selected to make the first deep-penetration strike into the territory held by the Plainfolk Mutes.

Amtrak Wars - First Family - Book 2

Book Two : First Family

Escaping from the Clan M'Call, the Mute warrior tribe who have held him as a captive "guest", Steve Brickman reaches one of the way-stations that guard the frontiers of the Confederation.

Amtrak Wars - Iron Master - Book 3

Book Three : Iron Master

With his heart and mind now torn between the opposing worlds of Tracker and Mute, Steve embarks on his most dangerous mission yet; the rescue of Clearwater and Cadillac M'Call, now held captive by the mysterious Iron Masters in the lands by the Eastern Sea.

Amtrak Wars - Blood River - Book 4

Book Four : Blood River

Steve, Cadillac and Clearwater meet with triumph and disaster as they try to evade the clutches of both the Iron Masters and the disguised hunter/killer squads sent out by the Lone Star Confederation to purge the overground of renegade Trackers and deserters.

Amtrak Wars - Death-Bringer - Book 5

Book Five : Death-Bringer

With the seriously-injured Clearwater now safely in their hands the First Family hatches a plan to capture Cadillac and Mr Snow and annihilate the Clan M'Call; a plan in which Steve is forced to continue his double-role as loyal agent of the Confederation and blood-brother to the Plainfolk.

Amtrak Wars - Earth-Thunder - Book 6

Book Six : Earth-Thunder

As the "Great Mountain in the West speaks to the Sky with a Tongue of Flame", the Talisman Prophecy is on the verge of fulfillment...

Patrick Tilley : The Amtrak Wars

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