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Amtrak Wars - Iron Master - Book 3

Cover Design/Art Direction: Bruno Tilley
Cover Illustration: Steve Stone

Iron Master

The Amtrak Wars - Book Three

With his heart and mind now torn between the opposing worlds of Tracker and Mute, Steve embarks on his most dangerous mission yet; the rescue of Clearwater and Cadillac M'Call, now held captive by the mysterious Iron Masters in the lands by the Eastern Sea.

Disguised as a Mute, he penetrates a closed rigidly-structured society ruled by samurai warriors and attempts to seek out his two friends. He has promised to reunite them with their mentor Mr Snow, Wordsmith and Summoner of the Clan M'Call, known amongst the Plainfolk as "The Storm-Bringer".

Bound to his three friends emotionally and mentally, Steve finds his own life hanging in the balance on more than one occasion as he plans their escape.

His masters in the Confederation, un-aware of the extent of his divided loyalties still expect him to complete his assignment and - unknown to Steve - are monitoring every move he makes.

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