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Patrick Tilley Welcome to the official web site of Patrick Tilley, which details his works both past and present. As you may already know, Patrick authored the highly successful Amtrak Wars series, as well as a number of other books including MISSION, which has become a cult classic both in the UK and in the US since its release in 1981.

An author and scriptwriter for over 20 years, Patrick has only recently been exploring the possiblilities of a web presence.


Fade-Out - The classic close-encounter novel often copied... never surpassed FADE-OUT

Long regarded as the classic close encounter novel. Part political thriller, part sf, Fade-Out is a visionary tale bedded in the global realities of the Cold War period.
Mission - A novel MISSION

A doctor and a lawyer witness a ressurection event in modern- day New York. A compelling, extraordinary story that has proved to be a life-changing experience for many readers..


Amtrak Wars - Cloud Warrior - Book 1 Amtrak Wars - First Family - Book 2 Amtrak Wars - Iron Master - Book 3 Amtrak Wars - Blood River - Book 4 Amtrak Wars - Death-Bringer - Book 5 Amtrak Wars - Earth-Thunder - Book 6

Patrick's six volume epic The Amtrak Wars spans multiple generations of post-apocalyptic earth. With these six volumes, Patrick Tilley's talent as a story-teller and myth-maker are confirmed.

Employing a unique blend of gritty down-to-earth realism and soaring imagination, spiced with a refreshing sense of humour, he has created a totally credible multi-layered futureworld of epic dimensions and a fascinating cast of characters caught up in a titanic struggle between the luminous realm of divine prophesy and the dark world of power politics.

Patrick has woven these themes into an action packed narrative that many thousands of readers around the world have found richly satisfying - and highly addictive!


XAN - the Surveyor-General of the Ninth Swarm has landed... XAN

When the Williams family pass through a township in Kansas on the way to their new home, they find themselves caught up in a nightmare scenario triggered by a pitiless alien presence.
Star Wartz - Tales of adventure from the Rimworld STAR WARTZ

Brilliantly inventive, irreverent and wickedly funny, STARWARTZ is an adventure epic involving double identity, teleportation and the first ever recorded case of cosmic kidnapping!

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