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6 September 1984

Dear Mr Tilley

Before I start I will apologise if my letter (assuming it ultimately makes it way to you) is intrusive or unwanted. I have never written to any author before but feel compelled to respond to MISSION.

I laughed and cried, I denied and rationalised, I puzzled and realised, I felt loved, I felt real, I felt hope and most importantly, I knew that I was reading Truth(s).

Bells went off along with the distinct, albeit eerie, sense that I was learning something that I already knew.... Several episodes of goosebumps and I had to close the book and walk away after reading the first few lines of the appendices.

After recovering from a short episode of laboured breathing, I finished the last few pages and contemplated moving to Israel.

That was the first time I read the book - a year ago.

Last night I finished reading it for the second time (another exception - I rarely re-read) and the effect was perhaps externally less marked but inwardly more subtle and profound.

My intellect wants to discuss and contemplate, my mind wants to know how and why this book happened and my heart rejoices that it happened and wants to see you, to know a little about who you are that you could create such a powerful tool of Beauty and Truth.

I have single-handedly influenced others to read this book and the vote is unanimous. Speechless and teary-eyed is the outcome - without exception. Everyone from intellectual to heart-of-clay had the same response. A most unusual piece of work...and I will continue to encourage more people to read it....

I would love to talk to you but that may be a silly and impossible notion. Even a minimal response would be nice in writing and no response at all perfectly understandable.

Whatever it is that you do, I would like you to know two things for whatever they are worth; in the event that the ideas presented are autobiographical in nature "Leo" (who said if he just reached one person with The Word) should rest assured that his trauma and effort were all worth while because he has reached straight into the depths of my Being (and [that] of several others that I know of) and shaken me by my roots and I will continue for many years to come to encourage anyone whose attention I can get to read this book.

I have never read anything that so clearly and eloquently expressed my personal feelings and ideas about our Nature and Christ and the relationship between [the] temporal and non-temporal. Then it took my ideas and pushed me to delve even further.

Thank you. You have my love.

D.C - Boston, Massachusetts.

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