Patrick Tilley
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June 27th, 1983

Dear Mr Tilley,

I have always considered people who wrote to authors as being on the same level as those who send wreaths or "Get Well" cards to characters in tv soap operas; in fact, even this opening passage is decidedly arrogant.

I have read and been impressed by FADE-OUT and have now read your novel MISSION. I have a degree in English and have read many books for their value, but in all honesty, I have never been so fascinated, caught up by the characters and generally felt the need to reconsider my values in life.

Critics with a knowledge and appreciation of a work of literature of this standard will have told you their impressions - all I wanted to say is that your words have touched a space in me that I considered invulnerable and I thank you for that.

In gratitude,

St Peter Port, Guernsey, CI.


January 12th, 1982

Dear Mr Tilley,

Have just completed MISSION and I am stunned! Not only is it a masterfully crafted, far above most I've read, but it has also inspired and uplifted me in a way that few "Inspirational" books have done.

You are an incredible story-teller and a person I am grateful to have on the planet. Thank you for the great gift to me and to everyone else who reads your book. I hope to see many more.


G.B.S Denver, CO


September 3rd, 1992

Dear Mr Tilley,

I am writing to you about your fascinating book called MISSION which I have read four times since buying it about eight years ago.

It seems I'm drawn to the book again and again and have been intrigued by the concept. You must have done extensive research for it and have an excellent knowledge of the Bible.

The philosophy you put forth in this book is so concurrent with a lot of today's "New Age" thoughts. What Jesus says in your book has a definite ring of truth. Your book has much truth in it and that's what draws me to it each time.

I'm not sure why I'm writing to you except to know more about you and how you came to write the book. Being a spiritual person I have to agree that religion - especially Christianity - has messed up badly.

If you could spare a few minutes to answer my questions I would be deeply appreciative, Thank you in advance for your time. I send you love and light!

M.M. Williamsport, PA.


September 28th, 1992

Dear Mr Tilley,

I had the great fortune to read MISSION about one and a half years ago. At times I related so strongly to the book that I cried. Jesus answered questions and touched upon concepts I have always believed in. I would love to know what inspired you to write this story. I found a kinship to my own served as a confirmation and a comfort.

Unfortunately, MISSION was loaned to me and because it's out of print, I can't purchase it for myself or give it to people for gifts...this book is a great influence...the world needs to learn from it...I wish it could be printed again...words can't expresses my gratitude and respect for your enlightenment.

If there is any way you can assist me in acquiring one or more of these books...I would be thrilled. I will wait to hear from you.

Again, thank you and God Bless You...

S.P. Miami, FL.


August 8th, 1988

Dear Patrick,

I picked up a copy of MISSION the other day and having just finished it I felt compelled to put pen to paper and congratulate you one one of the most entertaining and creative works I have ever read.

I always torture myself by trying to guess how authors get ideas for their novels and I think that, like me, you must have always wondered how and why the Bible was written. Failing that, you may have been visited by a man in a long, pale brown robe!

Many thanks for all the entertainment and cerebral stimulation.

Yours sincerely,
J.B. London

P.S. When can we expect the next installment of Amtrak?


July 29th, 1982 (to the Publishers - by Special Delivery)


Please help me! I've recently read your book entitled MISSION by Patrick Tilley.

I would like to credit this book, for my own mind. I need to know if those documents listed actually took place and if there really is or was a Leo Resnick.

Can you tell me where I can write to Patrick Tilley? I must find out if this book is based on TRUE fact or fiction. PLEASE HELP!

Thank you J.P. Cypress, CA.

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