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August 22nd, 1985

Dear Mr Tilley,

I could not resist writing to you. I have just read your book called MISSION and it gave me much pleasure. I felt I knew Leo and Miriam personally and I liked them both very much.

You obviously believe in reincarnation, so do I, it makes more sense than all the other theories. The book was so cleverly worked out. You must have researched the "Book" with great care. Parts of MISSION brought tears to me eyes, especially the passage on Page 383 which begins with The Man saying: "Look upon my world through the window of your soul..." and the rest of that wonderful passage.

Our lovely daughter died some time ago and when I feel sad I read that passage in your book. It comforts me.

So thank you, for the beauty of the prose, for the thoughts I so agreed with. It was like the hand of a friend stretched out to me. I truly believe you have genius and hope that you will write many more books like this one.

Yours very sincerely,

L.K. Frankston, Vic. Australia.


December 12th, 1981

Dear Mr Tilley,

Bravo! You, in my opinion, have written the kind of book that should have been written hundreds of years ago and made part of the human fabric. Hoorah for you and the ongoing revolution. More of this can never be too much. Thank you.

You must be new to America and ever since MISSION I've been searching for your previous book FADE-OUT. Please advise where I may obtain a copy - I have become a "Tilley" fan if you will. Your response will be most appreciated.

I again send my thanks for your wonderful talent and look forward to your next work.

May you and yours have a blessed Christmas and a Joyous New Year.


L.G. Dorchester, MASS.


May 18th, 1982

Dear Mr Tilley,

I have just, this moment, finished reading Mission. I absolutely loved it. It picked me up from page one and did not set me down until the end. It's been a while since I've read something I just could not put down.

It was so good in fact, that I am about to ask you what might be, depending on the answer, an embarrassingly silly question. Is this a fictional story you just made up in your head, or did you really make the acquaintance, in the physical sense, of "The Man"?

If the answer is no, I hope you are deservedly flattered. If the answer is yes, I hope you will let me know in a word.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


L.H. Los Angeles, CA.


February 23rd, 1982

Dear Sir,

I would like to thank you for the gift of MISSION to us the readers and recipients of this marvelous entertainment and compendium of Gnostic information.

I am a college professor and New Age teacher of two courses: Dead Sea Scrolls and Gnostic (New Age) Christianity. A student in the former course loaned me a copy of your "novel" last November. I was amazed that the information contained therein paralleled many aspects of the Gnostic Christianity course.

As a result: (A) I ordered 12 copies and distributed them to my friends at Christmas. All were delighted and each person has loaned the book to about four other people; (B) I ordered a further 12 copies of The Work for my Gnostic Christianity course and have used it as one of the three texts. We all enjoyed story and ideas!

Peace Be With You (as the Essenes said)

North Shore Community College, Boston, MASS


May 24th, 1982

Dear Mr Tilley,

I have just finished reading MISSION and felt I must write to you. I have been totally moved by this book. Unfortunately I am not, like you, able to express myself in words very well and find it difficult to express the emotion I feel but I want you to know it must be the best book I have ever read.

Even if it is just a novel as the cover states your research into the subject does you credit. However, Mission is such a tremendous story I would like to ask if there is any truth in it at all.

For instance, if it is fiction, then the letters in the book must also be fictitious which leads me to ask - did you have some experience so great, so unusual, that made you write this incredible story?

I almost feel that you have been used by someone or something to write what you did. If everyone was made to read your book I think the world would be a better place to live in because of the "love" the book radiates.

I hope you can understand the overall meaning of this letter. Once again, thank you for a superb book,

Yours very sincerely,

C.C. Southwell,


December 6th, 1982

Dear Mr Tilley,

When I first bought MISSION I thought I was going to be reading an interesting (fictional) book. As I read it I was impressed by the logic of your story but when I reached the end I couldn't believe what I was reading.

Is this story really true? If so, it makes me feel a whole lot better about my future and the world's future.

Please - if possible - tell me how you came to write this story and where I can learn more - and why doesn't everyone know about these things that have been written [about] in your book.

I await your reply with great anticipation. Thank you.

J.F. Braintree, MASS.


June 24th, 1982

Dear Mr Tilley,

Mission...I loved it - loved it.

It was so well written, hilarious, thought-provoking - if indeed it is a novel (and I've had a hard time convincing myself that it is) then you surely did your homework well. To pull so many disparate schools of thought into a fantastic whole was the work of a real researching author although I must confess I'm having trouble with the "simultaneity of time". The concept rather escapes me like solid geometry or calculus.

I am writing to the editor of the N.Y. Times Book Section to ask if MISSION has ever been reviewed, and if not, why not? I'd like to see it in everyone's hands.

Best of luck to you Patrick Tilley - or should I say "Leo"...?

K.C. Stratford, CONN.


November 17th, 1982

What a fabulous, fabulous book! I was absolutely intrigued reading MISSION and am quite amazed at your insight and knowledge. It has put a lot of things in Divine Right Order for me and I found it very comforting because it smacks of The Truth and underneath all the jokes it comes across very strongly that you are a man who has had a profound personal experience with the life of Jesus.

The reason I know this is that the same has happened in my life and I keep being led from one thing to another and based on my own spiritual awakening the "church" just doesn't seem quite clean enough. I just cannot get the thought out of my head that it [the church] has very little to do with what Jesus was about.

A few months ago God led me to read "The Gnostic Gospels" by Elaine Pagels. It was my first introduction to the Gnostics and, quite frankly, it blew my mind. If I had not had this introduction your book would not have been so rich for me. I have taken the liberty of enclosing a copy in case you haven't read it. I an due to meet Miss Pagels next week and plan to give her a copy of your book.

Thank you so much for allowing yourself to be used as such a wonderful instrument to carry the Message.

New York City, NY.

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